Only $1/Month for New Razors Every Single Month!

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November 15, 2013

Only $1/Month for New Razors Every Single Month!

Gentlemen, yes, you read that correctly. Aren’t you tired of spending $20 or more a month on razors? But you want that huh quality blade, so what else is there right? Wrong! There is a better way, all you have to do is join Dollar Shave Club! What’s that? Well, I’m so glad you asked! Dollar Shave Club is the club that will send you new high quality razors every month for only $1 per month! It’s a no brainer! And ladies, how amazing would it be to get your guy this! So why spend one more month paying way too much money? This is truly the gift that keeps on getting and a club every man should be apart of! So, use our social sharing buttons below to tell all your friends and family about this amazing deal; and go join Dollar Shave Club today!


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